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In German speaking countries, especially Germany itself, Space:1999 had quite an impact when being aired in a German dubbed version.

In my home country, Austria, the series was only to be seen some ten years after the beginning of its production. Here, no fan articles could be found in the shops, hardly any comments in the press, but still I remember a whole class of 13 year old pupils madly waiting for the evening, when at 6:30, the ORF, the Austrian Television Network, had the Alphans on its program.

30 episodes of innovative, breathtaking entertainment knocked my socks off, offering everything an imaginative girl with a slight fondness of science fiction could think of: dramatic story lines, weird aliens, fascinating settings, outstanding special effects and most of all, the people of Alpha, vivid, compassionate and lost in hostile and incomprehensible, unknown space.

30 episodes went by far too fast, then dire times began with no videos of the series and even my fellow fans seemed to forget all about Alpha and its people. No information on either the series or the stars was available, and I recall really being thrilled to discover that both Martin Landau and Barbara Bain had been part of an older series, Mission:Impossible. I wrote a letter to the ORF and asked for a rerun of Space:1999. I got a polite answer, which told me that the ORF had no further broadcasting rights for showing the series. However, since 1982, on Austrian television the Alphans haven't had an appearance, with the exception of Collision Course which was chosen in a late night nostalgic TV series show in 2005, luckily outvoting an episode of Petrocelli, which over here also had been very popular in the 70s.

Immediately, after the series had ended in 1982, I began to write Alphan fan fiction, imagining what else might have happened to the 300 and some people on the Moon. My enthusiasm regularly hit my friend Nadja, with whom I discussed "important" Alphan matters for hours on end whenever I could get hold of her... (not that often, to think about it... oh well...)

In 1994, while being on a visit at Nadja's place in Vienna, we found the English Videos from ITC in a special film shop. I bought them one after the other (small money supply in student's times) and miraculously, after not having seen it for such a long time, to me the show hadn't lost any of its fascination.

With the internet, things have notably improved, connecting people and making it possible to form communities even though their members are spread all over the globe. Very cool.
With the publishing of the German DVDs by e.m.s in 2005, including all of the 48 episodes as completely dubbed versions, a great favour was done to the series, giving those Alphans who are not firm in the English language, the opportunity also to enjoy the stories over and over again.

My homepage got on the internet in 2002. Seeing the great participation of the English speaking fans in the Alphan community's internet activities I felt it was necessary to add a German site to the variety of Alphan homepages. Well, it has been and still is a building site, never having the chance of becoming complete... but at least I try.

Now, this is the very small English section of my homepage... most of it thanks to the translations of my dear friend Barbara Conrady. If you wish to read more, feel free and send her an encouraging e-mail.  :-)
For any suggestions or comments write me an e-mail

Have fun!


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