DVDX-Awards 2005



James Coburn won a DVDX award as best actor for the drama American Gun in 2005.
Barbara Bain, also a nominee as best supporting actress in a drama for the very same movie
accepted the prize on behalf of her deceased fellow actor.



"Thank you. Thank you very much! You know this is a beautiful moment for a beautiful man and Iím honoured to accept this award for Jimmy, and I accept it with love. And if all the people who loved Jimmy were up here on the stage with me it would be an army.

We shot this picture in Vermont, in the winter, there was an epic snow storm, epic ice, epic snow and Jimmy embraced it all with his love of the work.

And he melted the snow, he melted the ice and he melted all of us. So, he enjoyed and loved the work so much and I know he would value this award. Thank you.."




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