SAG-Awards 2006



On the occasion of the SAG-Awards 2006 Barbara Bain and Peter Graves
were asked to present the nominees for the best ensemble in a dramatic series.
During their presentation the teleprompter
decided it was a good opportunity for a well-deserved break:



Off female voice:
Please welcome from the classic television series Mission:Impossible:
Barbara Bain and Peter Graves!

With Lalo Schifrin's music theme from
the actors walk on stage.
Bain helps Graves with the stairs.




Bain: Yes, Sir!

Graves: What a kick to be here with you tonight.


Bain: It is, indeed! And to hear that music!

Graves: Hear that music!

Bain: Hm-hmm!

Graves (starts reading): Seattle Grace Hospital.

The teleprompter goes blank.


Short break.

Bain: Well that wonít work, will it, Peter!

Graves: Well that wonít work like that folks.

Bain: No, it wonít.

Graves (while taking out his notes): No.


Bain: Then I hope you have mine there, too!


Graves (reading from his sheet of paper): So I must tell you about Seattle Grace Hospital,
the Homicide Division of the LAPD, a mysterious island, a family mortuary and our nationís capital.


Bain (grabbing Graves' paper): Donít put it away, darling...


...Ďcause I need it, too!

The audience is audibly amused.


Bain: Those eclectic settings are homed to some
of the most intriguing characters on prime time television.
And week after week five inspired casts bring these characters vividly to life.
She returns the sheet of paper to Graves:
Thank you!!

Laughs from the audience.


Graves: The nominees for the outstanding performance by an ensemble in a dramatic series are:

Following clips of the five nominated series.

(Grey's Anatomy, The Closer, Lost, Six Feet Under and The West Wing)


Bain: The Actor goes to the cast of Lost!


Video clip by Anita. Thank you!


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