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Saturday, March 11th, 2006




Sunday, March 12th, 2006


About 70 stars were invited to Mickey Sinardi's Showstopper Stars Spectacular in Los Angeles. Amongst others Jane Russell attended, also Lee Meriweather (Batman), Christopher Atkins (Die Blue Lagoon, Dallas), Peter Lupus (Willy in Mission:Impossible!) - and for the first time Barbara Bain.

The event went on for a whole weekend, total entrance fee was 20US$. For two complete days the actors were available for their fans to say hello, giving autographs and having photos shot.

Beverly Garland Holiday Inn, Los Angeles


Anita took the opportunity to visit Barbara Bain. Read what she experienced!


A Dream Came True

I have been a fan of Space: 1999 since the beginning and a long time fan of Barbara Bain. I always dreamed about meeting her in person. To follow her career and her life wasn't easy over here in Europe (Germany).

When I heard that she would attend an autograph event in Hollywood, I thought that this could be my chance. I convinced my husband that I had to fly over to Los Angeles and see this wonderful lady.

So, I arrived in the morning of 11th March, 2006 in North Hollywood at the hotel, where the event was going to take place.

I didn't know what to expect and so I was very curious and nervous.

But I never dreamed what would happen the next two days.
I didn't know if she would attend, if it would be possible to talk to her. How would she react? I've heard a lot about how she would be. And there have always been quite opposite opinions. Some say that she is really nice, others claim her to be icy and arrogant. What was awaiting me?

And then all was so easy! You could go over to her table and simply talk to her. I saw her immediately when I came into the room. There were about 50 other "Movie- and TV-stars" but I only had eyes for HER. She lightened up the room.

I walked up to her, introduced myself and told her that I had come from Germany and been dreaming for 35 years about the moment to meet her face to face. She was very flattered and "adopted" me immediately. She wanted to hear my whole story and was very interested in me as a person. I was introduced to everybody who came to see her. She took care of me in a really nice way and showed a lot of concern about my well-being.

Her attitude towards me was one of affection and warmth which totally floored me. Who said that she was icy and arrogant? Far from it! She treated me with openness and warmth.

I was a total stranger to her but she behaved like we had known each other for ages.

But she was nice to all visitors. Everybody who came to her for an autograph or to take a photo of her was greeted nicely and she always had a kind word.

The event took place for two whole days from 10a.m. to 5p.m. She was busy signing autographs and was having a good time, as she told me.

She took special care of me by introducing me to some people from Barbara Bain International whom she told to take me to dinner, show me the town and make sure that I was not lonesome. She didn't have to do this. I was happy standing next to her and looking into her eyes.

She really looked good, she was laughing a lot and told some anecdotes about her time with Mission:Impossible and Space:1999.

I could never imagine that I would feel that comfortable near her. All the time I was thinking that my alarm clock would ring and someone tell me that all had been nothing but a beautiful dream. But it happened!

Barbara Bain is a wonderful amazing woman! I am so happy that I finally met her in person, that my feelings were well invested during all these years and that my dream came true in such a wonderful way.

Thanks for everything BB!

Anita Frackenpohl

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